Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon
Physcial Attractiveness Phenomenon

It is not a gender thing, age thing, race thing, or geographical thing.

It is not a male-female thing, young-old thing, or white-black thing.

Nor is it any thing in-between.

It is also not a small town thing or a big city thing, or a thing unique to the United States.

It is not any one of these things…
It is all of these things.

It is pervasive...It impacts all people
in all these groups and more.

Looks Rule:

Physical Attractiveness Prevails
Appearance is multi-dimensional and physical attractiveness is the prevailing dimension. Physical attractiveness is not all that matters in life...but its importance is near the top
All people inherit and alter their physical attractiveness. Complex, interdependent, physical, and non-physical factors define a person's physical attractiveness. Whether physical attractiveness is high, moderate, or low, it dominates in impact among the many factors that determine a person's appearance.

Physical attractiveness drives a powerful, pervasive, frequently unrecognized and often denied, phenomenon. Physical attractiveness phenomenon connects with significant effects and realities whereby it is beneficial to possess appearance of higher physical attractiveness and detrimental to possess appearance of lower physical attractiveness. Accordingly, these benefits and detriments motivate relentless pursuits to attain greater levels of physical attractiveness.

Physical attractiveness phenomenon impacts every individual throughout his/her life, in every community across the United States and around the world. It is truly a global, timeless phenomenon that transcends age, race, sex/gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic levels, and probably every other demographic variable. It functions between and across all these groups, as well as within each of these groups. Through a well document process, physical attractiveness elicits or otherwise results in hidden values, orderings, dynamics, and consequences. Ultimately, “beauty is ugly” or, at least, “beauty can be ugly.”

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Gordon L. Patzer, Ph.D.
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Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon can be reasonably summarized as a four step process whereby (1) appearance via physical attractiveness serves as an informational cue, (2) from which extensive information is inferred, (3) that triggers assumptions, expectations, attitudes, and behaviors, (4) causing pervasive, powerful effects/consequences that are generally benefical for people whose appearance is higher in phsycial attractiveness and detrimental for people whose appearance is lower in physical attractiveness.

Video immediately below presents a visual non-scholarly summary of physical attractiveness phenomenon as documented by a significant amount of scholarly scientific research.
This video is used here with legal permission.
Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon
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Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon
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